Why a Holistic Approach?

There are 318,979,564,000 possible combinations of the first four moves in Chess!

Agility isn’t just something you know, or only something you can do. Agility is embodied. It’s what you become, as the Agile Manifesto states, ‘by doing it and helping others do it’. There’s no other way and it’s and ongoing, lifelong journey.

Chess Grand Masters have developed abilities to make decisions based on awareness of the whole current situation and the likely potential of upcoming responses. These abilities are developed from both playing and studying Patterns of play.

Test-first Transformation: For desired change, make the change inviting, then issue an invitation.

An invitation tests for receptiveness and avoids evoking resistance, allowing you to keep finding and following paths of least effort.

At Holistic Agility we love partnering with people to develop thriving workplaces, where intelligent people are enabled to live highly effective, innovative and fulfilled lives.

Group change and individual growth are complex and highly adaptive challenges. We bring together several techniques from various fields to create environments where innovation is encouraged to emerge.

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