Advanced – Certified ScrumMaster®

  • 9 March 2023 - 6 April 2023
    8:00 am - 11:30 am London (UK)
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The industry leading Advanced – Certified ScruMaster® (A-CSM®) course, delivered by Stuart Turner.

Agility isn’t just something you know, or only something you can do. Agility is Holistic. It’s what you become, as the Agile Manifesto states, ‘by doing it and helping others do it’. It’s ongoing; a lifelong journey. Incorporating Scrum values and Agile principles into your world of work takes diligence, patience, and a commitment to seek continual improvement.

The basic theory stuff was excellent, but what really stood out as the practical understanding of what it takes to embed these principles in an organisation. Answered questions brilliantly, truly inspirational and I’ve already taken learnings forward to help improve my team.

Why attend this particular course?

Specially designed as Two-Hour sessions, Once per week, over Five weeks, to more easily fit your existing schedule while also aiding integration and retention.

  • Thursday 9 March
  • Thursday 16 March
  • Thursday 23 March
  • Thursday 30 March
  • Thursday 6 April

You’ll practise particular skills of being a Scrum Master between sessions, getting feedback on your experiences and others, as well as learning additional skills each session.


What makes this course special?


We use the whole group’s experiences using Scrum to share and learn, by doing it, and helping others do it.

Why is this important?

Whether you’re fairly new to Scrum or have been using it for years, the experience of using it with a support group is likely something you haven’t had before. You’ll have an environment facilitated by one of the world’s most experienced Master-level coaches, create the conditions for you to gain as many relevant insights as possible, whatever your current knowledge and experience.

We can go beyond the minimim learning objectives to accommodate unique circumstances and experiences at the time you need support.

You’ll leave with greater confidence from the experience performed in an insight-rich environment.

Another UNIQUE Benefit…

Open Leadership NetworkOpenSpace AgilityOpen Patterns

Attending this course gives you FREE lifetime membership of the Open Leadership Network with free resources and webinars as well as 15% discount off all courses on Patterns of Leadership and Change.

Join this course to learn patterns for achieving improvements, whatever situation you’re in:

In the early stages of a C-level initiated agile transformation?

In a transformation that’s lost momentum?

Need to use Scrum for a fixed-price contract?

Highly regulated industry?

Customising off-the-shelf products?

Migrating off mainframes or other legacy systems?

Manager not very supportive of agile?

Consultant with a client starting an agile project next week and you need to learn how to help them?

Stuart will share simple techniques, developed and honed over decades, to help you make the most of whatever situation you’re in.

Course Leader

Stuart Turner is the originator of the unique, fun and highly informative (and much copied) Scrum simulation. One of very few courses that uses a simulation early on, intentionally giving everyone a fidelitous experience of using Scrum and a shared context on which to build. The ordering of events in the course is deliberate, knowing experiential learning permits the deeper lessons and discoveries of the remainder of the course to be better understood, integrated and retained.

We’ll experience how using the Scrum framework helps us discover more about our product, team and environment, and how we’re working using the principles of transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Based on what we discover we’ll adapt our product and working practices in the pursuit of improving outcomes.


Further UNIQUE Benefits…

Learn from Stuart’s experiences producing products for 30 years, his wealth of insights and stories improving his own organisations, small startups, all the way to dozens of major corporations and organisations, around the world.

Full membership of the Scrum Alliance is included in the course fee.

You will then hold the most valued and recognised qualification in Scrum that will boost your professional standing and prospects.