At Holistic Agility we love partnering with people to develop healthy workplace ecosystems, which enable intelligent people to be highly effective and innovative. Such environments are now essential to support diverse, collaborative groups in tackling the many intractable problems of today’s increasingly complex and rapidly disruptable world.

Innovation, group change and individual growth are all complex and highly adaptive challenges. We bring together several techniques from various fields in order to create environments where innovation is encouraged to emerge. We partner with many individuals and organisations in order to provide these services in a wide range of locations and languages, so wherever you and your organisation are today, we are ready to journey with you.

We’ve trained over 2,500 people in Scrum and Agile Leadership and have provided courses in Australia, Singapore, EU, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Canada, Europe, UK and USA.


Founded in 2001, the largest, most well established and influential professional membership and certification organisation in the Agile community. Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organisation with more than 1,200,000 certified practitioners worldwide. Its vision is to “Transform the World of Work” with a mission to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organizations with practices, principles, and values that create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable.

Achieving significant, measurable progress does not take big changes or lots of energy. In fact we aim to minimise the amount of coaching necessary for achieving self-sustaining momentum. The results can be further amplified when a manager takes responsibility and leads a group to another level.

We partner with OpenSpace Agility and provide courses with certification.

Agile Asia are one of the leading providers of Agile and Scrum certification training in Singapore.

Red Agile are one of the market-leading providers of Agile Scrum certification training in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Having trained over 14,500 certified practitioners at companies, government agencies, and tertiary institutions we understand how to deliver high quality training that drives organisations forward.

International Coaching Federation

ICF certified coaching and workshops on leadership, group performance and OpenSpace Agility grow people’s abilities for amplifying effectiveness and attaining transformative outcomes.

With our network of partners throughout the APAC region and around the globe, we have the expertise where you need it 


Our coaches and course leaders:

Stuart Turner – London, UK

With over 25 years working on product and organisational innovation, Stuart’s many clients include large financial institutions, management consultancies, and government agencies as well as several startups and medium-sized companies from a variety of industries.

Stuart has conducted courses and workshops in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, USA and Canada.

Stuart crosses the boundaries of product development, organisational design and personal coaching. His background is in software engineering, chiefly applied in the financial services industry but his ongoing fascination with communities, neighbourhoods, societies and each individual’s place within them has led him to become a certified coach, mentor and trainer. He’s worked on Front Office Electronic Liquidity and Operational Risk products at two well known financial institutions before evolving into a full time coaching and mentoring role for 160 team members to collaborate and innovate for improved outcomes.

Based in Singapore for seven years, Stuart conducts the following courses:

Joining the Agile Community when arriving in Singapore, Stuart founded the Agile Singapore Conference in 2013. In 2014 he again organized the conference and was also a speaker.

Stuart has spoken at several gatherings and conferences, including a short plenary session for 1,100 delegates at Scrum Gathering Florida, 2016:

Agile Singapore – November 2011
Agile Singapore Conference (2) – November 2014
Regional Scrum Gathering, Vietnam – May 2015
Regional Scrum Gathering, Bengaluru – June 2015
Agile Boston, USA – July 2015
Agile Nottingham, UK – August 2015
Agile Vietnam, HCMC – September 2015
Global Scrum Gathering, Shanghai – September 2015
Global Scrum Gathering, Orlando – April 2016
Global Scrum Gathering, Minneapolis – April 2018
Keynote – Pune Agile Unconference, Pune – August 2018
Keynote – Regional Scrum Gathering, Kathmandu, Nepal – December 2018

SEAM, London 2020

Stuart still enjoys developing software and continues to evolve the FAST financial modelling auditing and analysis service.

Stuart has found attaining the following credentials continues to support him on his journey:

Certified Scrum Trainer® by Scrum Alliance
Certified Enterprise Coach® by Scrum Alliance

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® by CTI
Associate Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certified Enterprise Scrum Trainer
OpenSpace Agility Trainer

Stuart Mitchell – Sydney, Australia

Stuart is an Agile Trainer, Coach and Facilitator and trainer based in Sydney Australia.

Since first working with Agile in 2005 it has taken him all over the world, guiding organisations through transformational Agile adoption. Stuart is proud that along the way he has won awards, written papers and become a trusted facilitator and sought after speaker at Agile and Scrum events.

Stuart has been a business analyst, a ScrumMaster and the Global Head of Agile at one of the world’s biggest banks. The range and depth of his experience, and the empathy Stuart has for people at all points on their Agile journey leads to highly effective and successful training outcomes, at every level within organisations.

As a trainer, mentor and coach Stuart inspires a positive approach to change, he is now developing an Agile leadership philosophy around corporate governance.

Daniel Mezick – Connecticut, USA

Daniel Mezick is an executive and Agile coach located in the Northeast USA. Coaching executives and teams since 2006, he is an expert on enterprise business agility and extending adaptive Agile culture beyond software.

A frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences worldwide, Daniel’s list of clients include ADOBE, Capital One, INTUIT, CIGNA, SIEMENS Healthcare, Bank of America, Pitney Bowes, Harvard University, and dozens of smaller enterprises.

Daniel is an author of several books on Agile coaching and his approach to Agile coaching is built upon the core concepts found inside these books. Daniel conducts workshops based on these books. He offers enterprise Agile coaching, Agile training programs for teams, and management consulting.

Jon Jorgensen – California, USA

Jon Jorgensen

Jon’s career emerged from designing uncommon approaches to projects and business operations, in organizations of all sizes across industries ranging from heavy industry, and software development to financial services and entertainment. He has worked with EMC, State Farm, Tivo, Xbox, and Apple while living in the US or abroad (17 years in Japan.) He’s bilingual in Japanese.

Now, as a coach, his focus is subtly influencing large scale group dynamics (including culture). Jon is an Organizer of Audacious Agile Conversations Meetup Group, the Lean Kanban, Agile & Self-Organization Meetup Group, Agile Open San Diego, as well as Agile Coach Camp US West. Jon began a podcast covering a Meetup called Agile Coffee in 2014. He is a contributor to the book Agile Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners and is listed on the Real Agile Thought Leader Hall of Fame.

Jon has co-created an open source framework for corporate executives to apply Scrum at the top level of their organization called Leadership Scrum. Jon also researches, pioneers, and applies Improv structures and game mechanics to ill-structured problems arising in the field of collaborative knowledge work.

Mark Sheffield – North Carolina, USA

Mark Sheffield

Mark Sheffield is an agile coach, IT consultant, and Open Space Technology facilitator based in North Carolina. He has over 20 years of IT experience including solution development and Electronic Data Interchange. His Agile journey began in 2010. He has been training and coaching agile teams since 2015 for clients including Bank of America, T. Rowe Price, Duke Energy, and TD Ameritrade.

Mark has facilitated multiple public and private Open Space events in person and online. He serves on the board of the Open Space Institute – US.

Mark increases engagement in agile adoptions by focusing on creating environments with clear goals, clear rules, visible feedback, and opt-in participation. Instead of concentrating on a particular framework, he invites Teams to experiment with Agile practices while abiding by the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Harold Shinsato – Montana, USA

Harold Shinsato

Harold Shinsato is an agile coach and developer located in Montana. He has been practicing and teaching XP practices since 2000, has been a certified Scrum Master since 2010, and has been facilitating and supporting Open Space events since 2007 at places like SAP, Business Objects, Journalism That Matters, the World Open Space on Open Space, Intuit, University of Montana, Oregon State University and the Agile Coaching Institute. Harold sits on the board of the Open Space Institute as treasurer.

Harold is the Executive Director of Montana Agile Culture House that supports culture change in Montana, is active in the local developer community, and is a co-founder and instructor at Montana Code School which uses Agile methods to developer new programmers for gainful employment in the software industry as well as help build the local business ecosystem.

Harold has keynoted and presented at several Agile conferences, a co-author of US Patent 108698, and is a certified trainer and supporting co-developer of the OpenSpace Agility(tm) methodology.