Certified Agile Leadership

Stuart’s Executive Coaching abilities, integrated with an understanding of Complex Adaptive Systems, Neuroscience and a deep understanding of agility has revealed a radical clarity that makes effective leadership immediately achievable

Here’s what leaders are saying after participating in Stuart’s CAL I course:

“A very deep and introspective learning session on agile leadership. The group of learners, who are already well aware of transformation contexts, agile basics, enterprise challenges and have been responsible for large org influencing programs to show results, will gain tremendously. They will know how to work on their own self, post the CAL I course.“ – J. Dutta, Sr Unit Quality Head, Infosys (Jul 2018)

“Stuart’s passion will give you critical insights into the underlying, non obvious, issues as well as techniques you can use to immediately increase the odds that your organisation’s journey to becoming agile is a successful one.” R. Roach, CIO (Dec 2017)

“Stuart’s Cal I training fuelled me with valuable new views on Agile, Scrum and the way I could improve the impact of departments and teams in our organisation.” J. Fortuin, Transformation Coach KPN Technium, Netherlands/India (July 2018)

Becoming a more Effective Executive

  • Get the Right things Done
  • Advance your leadership abilities
  • Move from busyness to a focus on business
  • Leverage greater agility when interacting in a broader range of situations
  • Identify and break through your self-perceived limits
  • Cultivate mindfulness for tangible business results
  • Remain effective, even with the unknown
  • Mitigate risks with agile decision-making

Advance your abilities to lead in an agile organisation

  • Champion the people in your life to be the best version of themselves
  • Learn how to be a great host, switching perspectives with agility
  • Hone your skills in taking responsibility in and for your world
  • Interact with greater awareness, intention and agility within your community
  • Identify and reduce your own (unintended) causes of complexity
  • Unlock the possibilities when not seeking a step-by-step guide

Discover how to educe agility in your organisation

  • Mitigate risks, reduce budgets and improve customer experience
  • Simplify governance, reduce healthcare costs and improve employee experience
  • Reduce or eliminate “predict and execute” approaches, including projects, annual budgets, etc.
  • Learn why most initiatives fail, despite huge investment and effort
  • Create structures and an ecosystem that support advancement
  • Work fewer hours, reduce anxiety and achieve better results

Certified Agile Leadership I

Certified Agile Leadership II

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